Monthly Archive:: April 2013

20 Apr 2013

Aden Young is mesmerising in Rectify, a thoughtful compelling show about how a crime affects a family and community

The recently concluded and utterly superb Top of the Lake has a partner well in crime in the form of Rectify which formally starts on Monday 22 April but the first three episodes have found their ways
18 Apr 2013

Southland S5 Finale – End of the watch, end of road?

I’m still trying to process this episode, still trying to take it everything that happened, still trying to accept that it may well have been the series finale of the show. ¬†If it is in a way
16 Apr 2013

Some thoughts on the state of sci-fi on TV, new show Defiance and a possible brighter future for the genre

I can be incredibly picky and quick to judge when it comes to new TV shows. I watch a lot of television and therefore can’t stick with shows that I only mildly enjoy or which may get
13 Apr 2013

Turn and face the strange – Orphan Black takes us on a fun ride with a twist

Orphan Black follows the story of Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany) who after seeing someone who could be her twin jump in front of a train decides it would be a swell idea to assume her life. Now
11 Apr 2013

Saying goodbye to Starz Spartacus

We shall seek our destiny together. Whatever the cost. Like many I was a latecomer to Spartacus. Like many I dismissed it early on with its over the top graphic violence and constant orgies. But then like many