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26 Aug 2013

Meth, Lies and Videotapes: Breaking Bad 05×11 ‘Confessions’ Review

Walter continues to manipulates to survive another day but Jesse is fed up with the lies “Would you just, for once, stop working me?” Jesse Pinkman, 05×11 ‘Confessions’ There is one thing Walter White is exceptionally good
19 Aug 2013

Confrontations and Alliances: Breaking Bad 05×10 ‘Buried’ Review

A family is torn apart as battle lines are drawn “You have to get him” After the speculator Walt vs. Hank garage scene last week I would not have been too surprised if Breaking Bad waited a
12 Aug 2013

No way out: Breaking Bad 05×09 ‘Blood Money’

“The past is the past. … Now that’s over.  You’re out, and so am I” – Walter White, ‘Blood Money’ The question of when did Walter White become Heisenberg is one that every Breaking Bad fan has