What is The Idiot Box?

An attempt by Lou to write about her favourite TV shows in a constructive way.

Favourite new shows of 2017

American Gods,  Brockmire, The Handmaid’s Tale, Legion, Trial & Error,

All time favourite shows (that have finished)

The shows of Joss Whedon (ATS, BTVS, Dollhouse and Firefly), the shows of Bryan Fuller (Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies). Intense cop series – The ShieldThe Wire and Southland. Other HBO classics like DeadwoodSix Feet Under, Rome and Boardwalk Empire. Sci-fi mysteries Lost and Fringe. Sci-fi space shows BSG, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Farscape. British comedies Spaced, Father Ted, Blackadder and The Thick of It. Short lived comedies like Happy Endings and Enlisted.  Breaking Bad, Justified, Parks and Recreation – really too many shows when I think about it. 

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