Breaking Bad finale theory time

Linda Holmes of NPR is hosting a fun game – state your final theory for the Breaking Bad finale and if it comes true you will have the proof that you were right all along!

I posted mine on the blog and thought I would I would repost it here as well, considering the show has gone against my expectations on numerous occasions I’m guessing I’m most likely wrong again!

Walter takes on the Nazis with the machine gun, the entire lab blows up – though injured he escapes with Jesse.

Jesse now has the power and a choice; he could kill Mr White but then Walter would die instantly and not have to suffer and really does he deserve that? Instead he leaves him bleeding to death through injury and too weak to move because of the cancer and walks away – leaving the Ricin close enough if Mr White wants to crawl over and get it (and still die a painful death)

Jesse finds his way back to civilization but he is a damaged messed up soul, upon seeing Brock safe with his grandma and seeing a newspaper about Skyler’s upcoming trial he decides to hand himself in. He may not be Walter White but still has enough crimes that the blame would shift from Mrs White to him.

Jesse ends up in prison, he may be screwed up but he sees it as a chance for redemption. Skyler, the kids and Marie head off for a new life.

We see someone probably a new gang of drug dealers discover the blown up lab and Walter’s dead body – they end up putting it in a barrel and starting up their own operation.

Life goes on, meth still gets cooked but Walter White is dead and those he has manipulated and abused are ready to move on.


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