Fall TV First Impressions : Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The Show: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Time: Tuesdays 20:30/19.30c on FOX

Premise: Set in a Brooklyn Precinct this comedy pits laid back and childish Detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) against his by the book strict new Captain (Andre Braugher).

Pros: Andre Braugher is the key to the success of this show. He plays the role of Captain Holt as serious but not too serious. His line readings for “They have adorable chubby cheeks” and “titties” really made me laugh. The supporting cast also has a lot of potential especially Civilian Administrator Gina Linett (Chelsea Peretti) and Sergeant Jeffords (Terry Crews). I also like the use of flashbacks for jokes.

Cons: Andy Samberg. If another actor was in the role as Detective Peralta then I think the show would work better.  However, I will say when he is in scenes with Braugher I did find him less annoying so maybe not all is lost.

Overall: Comedy pilots are always difficult, many great shows had a rough first episode or even season (Cougar TownHappy EndingsParks and Recreation).  Yet Brooklyn Nine-Nine made me laugh a few times and smile a whole lot. Not bad at all.

Will I watch it again: Yes, even if Samberg irritates the hell out of me the rest of the cast have enough potential to get me to invest for a few more episodes at least.  The show is created by Mike Schur the man behind The Office US (when it was still good) and Parks and Recreation. I trust that he will do a good job on developing the characters and bringing the laughs.


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