Farewell to Cougar Town, an underappreciated gem

There are some shows that you resist for far to long for ridiculous reasons. Cougar Town is probably that show for many people. The title of the series doesn’t even come close to reflecting what the show eventually became but it was part of a long line of badly titled sitcoms. They say never judge a book by its cover, I say never judge an ABC comedy by its unfortunate name.

Despite my initial reservations and general disinterest in Cougar Town I eventually became intrigued enough by the AVClub’s reviews of the second season to give it a chance. I’m so glad I did.

Cougar Town is a show with a big heart. It has been called by many critics a hang out show, sure not a lot happens but it is fun to sit down and watch these characters have silly adventures, drink an obscene amount of wine and act like the kind of 40-somethings we can all inspire to be.

Change did happen on the show, main character Jules Cobb (the excellent Courteney Cox) was constantly helping her friends out, she brought together the characters and formed the wonderfully titled Cul-de-Sac Crew. Over the last 6 seasons they have banded together to help each other fall in love, to deal with life, to make decisions and yeah to drink a lot of wine.

Any non CBS comedy reaching an 100 episodes these days should celebrate because it is so hard for great comedies to survive. 2015 has already seen the end of Parks and Recreation and now it says goodbye to Cougar Town, a series that struggled, that lost a network and found a new home. That never set out to rewrite the comedy rule book but constantly made me laugh week after week, and yes occasionally cry.

I’m going to miss the show and I’m saddened its series finale isn’t getting the same amount as coverage as other shows which are leaving us in 2015. Perhaps┬ámaybe that is just the Cougar Town way, constantly underappreciated by many but loved by the few who gave it a chance.

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