Saying goodbye to Starz Spartacus

We shall seek our destiny together. Whatever the cost.

Like many I was a latecomer to Spartacus. Like many I dismissed it early on with its over the top graphic violence and constant orgies. But then like many I realised my foolish ways and fully embraced the show. After giving up after the pilot episode I checked back in on the show after Vengeance had finished after hearing many good things about that season and being intrigued by all the characters and their relationships. This time I managed to see past the slow motion fighting sequences with the epic rock music, I managed to stop giggling every time a character shouted “Jupiter’s cock!” and I started seeing what long term fans of the show knew all along.

Spartacus was well written, well acted and there was a reason for its portrayal of sex, violence and language  It wasn’t just because it was on a cable channel and could push the boundaries, it was because it was showing the lives of these characters. These passionate hate fuelled Romans and Rebels. There is no room for apathy among these people; passion, desire, rage, revenge, power raged through them all.

What was also so good about the series was the decision to spend time with both sides, whilst I imagine it would have still be a good show if we just had the view point of Spartacus and friends it became an exceptional story but giving us a chance to see what made the Romans tick. Their messed up power struggles and mind games were as equally as compelling as the battles of the slaves and rebels.

Death came so often in Spartacus but it was always such a blow when it was someone that mattered to the story or to the characters. I think the moment that still stands out to me is the death of Varro. It was shocking, it was horrible, it packed an emotional punch.

Here is the thing, the heart of what makes Spartacus so fantastic.  History has already been written. For every victory we have seen our fearless worthy leader make we all know how it ends and yet it doesn’t take away from the show, this inevitably doesn’t make the deaths less shocking or heartbreaking because such is the bravery of the Rebels, such is their intent you can almost believe they can grasp victory. You can almost believe a happy ending is possible, that Rome will fall at the feet of Spartacus and his friends.

One day perhaps people will learn to look beyond the violence and the sex and see the hidden depths of this wonderful show.

Spartacus: War of the Damned series finale airs Friday 12 April on Startz 9pm ET/PT

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