Sundance TV’s Deutschland 83 is a cold war spy series worthy of your time

Sundance TV have quietly become one of the most interesting TV channels around with series like Rectify and The Honourable Woman. Deutschland 83 is their latest show an imported German language 1980s set cold war spy thriller. It is kind of impossible not to compare it to the excellent FX series The Americans which is set the same time period and boasts a similar plot but really there is no higher praise when I say Deutschland 83 is worthy of the comparison.

Deutschland 83 centers abut Martin Rauch (Jonas Nay), an East German who is reluctantly recruited to go undercover in the West German army in order to take on the life of Mortiz Stamm and become closer to General Edel and gather intelligence as his aide-de-camp

Deutschland 83 has a slightly lighter tone than The Americans but still has enough tension when needed and has the many fun tropes of the spy genre to make it well worth watching. It also focuses the differences that Martin experiences being west of the Wall and has a killer soundtrack which definitely helps.

Whether your an fan of The Americans looking for a new show during the hiatus, a fan of the spy genre or just a fan of TV wanting something a little different to watch this summer, you really should check out Deutschland 83.

Deutschland 83 airs on Sundance TV, Wednesdays.

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