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30 Dec 2013

Top 35 Shows of 2013: No 18 Fringe

He showed me that, for the plan to work, I would have to sacrifice myself Having Fringe on this list is a bit sneaky as only the final 3 episodes aired in 2013 but I really can’t help but
19 Jan 2013

“It’s about changing fate” Some thoughts on the Fringe finale

When Etta died early on this season it seemed like a reset was inevitable and to be honest I wasn’t that keen on the idea. A reset seems like a waste, an  easy way out. I was hoping they would have
15 Jan 2013

A love letter to Fringe – A sci-fi show with love at its centre

When I watched the pilot of Fringe in September 2008 I really had no idea where the show would go. In fact I was unsure how long I would keep on watching it. I found it interesting but I didn’t necessarily
30 Dec 2012

Top 30 TV Shows of 2012 : No 03 Fringe

My top show of 2011 has dropped a little bit this year mainly because I had a couple of issues with S4 but it is still a series that I love for all its flaws and to