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14 Apr 2015

Goodbye Justified, one of the all time greats

There are many shows which get labelled underrated but it really does describe Justified. The show has won only two Emmys during its run – for Margo Martindale’s electric performance as Mags Bennett and for Jeremy Davies
30 Dec 2014

Top 35 Shows of 2014: No 5 Justified

S5 of Justified got quite a bit of criticism, a lot of people weren’t fans of the Crowe family, the messy plot or Ava being stuck in prison for the entire season. Yet I can’t deny my
30 Dec 2013

Top 35 Shows of 2013: No 2 Justified

I’ve come to a conclusion. I don’t like you Raylan. Never much liked you neither Boyd. After a string of big bads, TV’s most entertaining drama went for different approach in S4 with the mystery of Drew
30 Dec 2012

Top 30 TV Shows of 2012 : No 04 Justified

Out of all the dramas I watch in terms of pure enjoyment and entertainment Justified wins every time. The show has managed to create such fully formed fun and interesting characters which could so easily have fallen into Southern