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4 Jun 2017

Goodbye to The Leftovers

I never expected to fall in love with The Leftovers. I had read the novel which the first season is based on before S1 aired and I found the idea fascinating and the book an intriguing but
19 Dec 2014

Top 35 Shows of 2014: No 24 The Leftovers

I went from watching this show, to liking this show, to being obsessed with it. I am so drawn towards a series which on the surface is incredibly bleak and hard to watch because once you get
30 Jun 2014

The Leftovers Pilot Review – Bleak yet beautiful

All the people who stayed, pretending that it never happened. They’re asleep but they need to wake up now. The Leftovers won’t be a show for everyone but it deals with grief in a beautiful way. I liked