The Affair pilot review – Things are not what they seem

When I first heard about The Affair back in early 2013 I figured it would be a standard cable drama about adultery with some great actors, I wasn’t entirely sure if I would watch it because cheating isn’t something I find that interesting plot wise but with the people like Dominic West and Ruth Wilson involved I knew I would at least give it a chance.

Then in recent weeks the previews started rolling in and TV critics were suddenly coy about the series only stating that it was very good and that it wasn’t what you expected.

The Affair really isn’t what you expect, sure it is the tale of two married people cheating on their spouses but without giving too much away the series plays the narrative in refreshing ways, the first half of the pilot is from the perspective of Dominic West’s Noah Solloway, whilst the second half plays out the same day from the point of view of Ruth Wilson’s Alison Lockhart. The differences between their version of events is very telling but at this point it seems both of the show’s central characters could be unreliable narrators and this is where the fun and the mystery begins.

I’ve seen The Affair compared to True Detective and whilst there won’t be insane theories about the Yellow King happening anytime soon there are certainly mysteries to be unraveled and a lot to keep viewers attention. Add in the great performances, based upon the pilot The Affair could be yet another great drama debuting in 2014, in a year which has already given us True Detective, Fargo, The Leftovers and The Honourable Woman.

I have no idea where the story might go but after the pilot I am all in with this show. Just what happened that one summer is too hard to resist.

The Affair starts Sunday 12 October on Showtime

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