The Leftovers Pilot Review – Bleak yet beautiful

All the people who stayed, pretending that it never happened. They’re asleep but they need to wake up now.

The Leftovers won’t be a show for everyone but it deals with grief in a beautiful way.

I liked the opening episode quite lot but its definitely a show I would have a hard time recommending to people because its pretty unique and pretty bleak.

This isn’t a show about answers, I feel like this needs to be said every week at the start of the episode because already I am seeing people talking about the plot and whether we will find out what happened or how they won’t even give the series a chance because of Damon Lindeloff and Lost. Seriously if that is how you feel just walk away now.

The book and the show are about the people left behind and how society copes with having no answer for what happened, whether it is people finding religion whilst others losing their faith. You see people becoming reckless and others trying to cling onto what is left of their lives.

I mean think about it, think if it really happened in real life, how on Earth would you react? I think that is what really got to me and I found myself crying at times, not even over necessarily sad scenes but just the idea of it happening for real it would be devastating but the “leftovers’ can either give up or try to continue.

Basically this is a story about grief and that won’t be for everyone and whilst I can’t really say I look forward to more because it is very dark and soul destroying at times, I am involved enough in the characters to want to continue watching these group of humans struggling with an event so devastating, so messed up that is hard to fathom.

I’m fascinated with the idea of society having to deal with something so out of the ordinary but this isn’t the end of the world, there are no zombies walking the earth, no Four Horsemen. 2% of the population disappeared and life is expected to continue. Really thought provoking stuff.

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