Top 30 TV Shows of 2012 : 27 Revenge

I never expected to like this show, soap opera dramas aren’t really my thing and yet once it grabs hold of you Revenge refuses to let go.

It has a addictive quality to it and love to hate characters but also when it decides to let its emotional guard down like Emily herself it does have a heart.  How this show became one I enjoyed was because it gave layers to characters like Nolan and the Graysons, it would be all too easy to make Emily the centre who can do no wrong but she makes mistakes and has a very dubious morality. Sometimes you root for her, sometimes you feel bad for the people caught up in her complex web of revenge.

Mostly I just sit back and enjoy the ride because twists and turn followed by backstabbing are just around the corner.

I’m not destroying lives, Amanda. I’m righting wrongs.

Favourite Episodes: Reckoning / Forgiveness