Top 30 TV Shows of 2012 : No 04 Justified

Out of all the dramas I watch in terms of pure enjoyment and entertainment Justified wins every time. The show has managed to create such fully formed fun and interesting characters which could so easily have fallen into Southern stereotypes.

Even in its violence there is often a dark humour, even when you have a psychopath like Quarles its kind of impossible not to laugh at Wynn Duffy’s reaction to the situation.  Even though Boyd and Raylan should have killed each other by now there is this odd sense of loyalty between them based upon their complex history.

Justified works so well at creating the world of Harlan County that it seems so real and so full of life that every time we meet another bad guy they manage to bring them to life.

In the end Justified is not about bad guys vs good, its about the deep history of a place where family loyalty rules and getting out is no easy thing.

I’m gonna kill you Raylan. Maybe not tonight, maybe not tomorrow, but some day you’ll be walking down the street and I’m gonna put a bullet right in the back of your skull and you’re gonna drop.

Favourite Episodes: Watching the Detectives / Slaughterhouse