Top 30 TV Shows of 2012 : No 07 The Hour

The greatest enjoyment I get from The Hour is not so much the stories (though they are very good and often thrilling and intense) but is is just spending time in the 1950s with the characters.

Sometimes I wish the show would scale back on the outside tension and focus in on the trials and heartbreak of Bel and co.  Whether it be the impossible loss between Randall and Lix or the simmering tension with Bel and Freddie. The little moments when Hector and Freddie mock each other or Sissy worries over her estrangement with her family for marrying Sey. Possibly my favourite development this season was Marnie getting to establishment herself and her career instead of being in the shadow of Hector.

Of course such a connection with the characters makes the finale that much harder to take especially as there seems to be no word on another season.  There seems to be no happy endings for many. The pursuit of story became Freddie’s world and possibly ended it.

I just really need that not to be the case.

She says all I care about is the story. The story and you

Favourite Episodes: Episode 2 / Episode 6