Top 30 TV Shows of 2012 : No 08 The Thick of It

I never expected to become emotionally compromised by a show like The Thick Of It. It was meant to be my fun satirical show not one that left me upset over the demise of a spin doctor named Malcolm Tucker.

Yet TV is a funny thing and the powerhouse performance of Peter Capaldi and Tucker’s slow fall from grace made it virtually impossible not to feel for the character.  Yes he was a complete bastard, a bully even but he had something a lot of the other people who roamed the corridors of Whitehall lacked – he actually did care about his party.

We got the laughs with the new coalition Government and their fuck ups, we also got one of the finest hours of TV in the form of the inquiry episode.  Now the show has ended there is a real gap in British TV for a political comedy with bite, whilst no one can truly replace Malcolm Tucker I hope someone tries because god knows we need to laugh at the current situation the country is in.

I want to say something. I want to say something. Doesn’t matter.

Favourite Episodes: Six / Seven