Top 30 TV Shows of 2012 : No 11 Chuck

Ending a show is always difficult because pleasing all of the audience is an impossible task.

The final season could have ended rather predictably with a deliriously happy Chuck and Sarah having children, that seemed the inevitable future for them. I was delighted then when the show went for a darker route, with Sarah implanted with the intersect and on a quest to destroy the husband she could no longer remember.  That sounds pretty depressing but what the final episodes did was explore the heart of the show one final time – the Chuck and Sarah relationship.

The finale at time was heartbreaking, it was also hilarious and action packed. It gave time for all of the characters, it gave endings and new beginnings for them as well.

Now for that ending, I don’t think it was a disservice to the fans at all. I thought it was beautiful. It ended the show how it started with Chuck and Sarah on the beach.  Whether the kiss did bring Sarah’s memories back or not I don’t think matters because even if it didn’t it was clear she would fall back in love with him. It was clear they would be together and perhaps stronger than ever.

Chuck? Kiss me

Favourite Episodes: Chuck Versus Sarah / Chuck Versus The Goodbye