Top 30 TV Shows of 2012 : No 12 Being Human

Losing a main character is hard for any show but Being Human ending up losing its entire original cast by the end of S4 and yet somehow continued being it’s usual brilliant self.

After Mitchell died at the end of S3 we expected to spend S4 with George and Nina raising their child with Annie helping out. Yet what we got was Nina brutally killed by vampires (off screen no less) and George dead by the end of the first episode.

Big changes happened to the show this season but it worked. The introduction of werewolf Tom in S3 certainly eased the transition, as did his instant chemistry with new Vampire Hal. Having a vampire that was very much not like Mitchell also signalled a new era for the show.

The real star of the season was Annie though, she made promises both to George to keep Eve safe and to Pearl and Leo to look after Hal. Annie has always been a motherly figure and her fierce protective nature made her struggle over whether to kill baby Eve all that harder to watch.  Her final act of taking out the Old Ones whilst sacrificing herself and Eve was heartbreaking but death is not the end in Being Human and hopefully she was reunited with George, Mitchell, Nina and Eve in the afterlife. God knows she needs some happiness and peace.

By the time the season concluded the original housemates were gone but whilst I had serious reservations at the start of S4 for the future of the show I now know its it is safe hands with Tom, Hal and Alex.  As long as the writing continues with its delicious blend of humour, heartbreak and horror then perhaps as long as we have a vampire, ghost and werewolf everything is alright.

You saved us all

Favourite Episodes: Puppy Love / The War Child