Top 30 TV Shows of 2012 : No 19 Alphas

The end of Season 1 promised great things from Alphas and Season 2 mostly delivered. The descent of Doctor Rosen from mild mannered leader of the group to man who would do anything to stop Stanton Parish was well handled and devastating – his grief over the death of daughter Dani brought with it some of the show’s best scenes.

The inclusion of a new Alpha in the form of Kat was another great decision, she brought a different dynamic to the group and her relationships with Gary and Bill were especially fun and also heartfelt.

Then we have the ending which was shockingly dark and may never be resolved if Sy Fy doesn’t pick it up. The image of Gary walking around Grand Central Station seemingly the only living person around was chilling.

I love this show for many reasons, the friendships, the way the powers are handled and how its not afraid to send its characters to the dark side whilst still giving us hope they can return.

Skylar what were you designing? The end of the world.

Favourite Episodes: The Devil Will Drag You Under / God’s Eye