Top 30 TV Shows of 2012 : No 22 Ben and Kate

This show has quickly become a favourite of mine and with cancellation looming I will cling onto the sibling duo as long as I can.

There have been several new comedies this Fall season but none as strong as this series. Ben and Kate hits the sweet spot that I look for in sitcoms, funny (BJ and Ben especially), lovely (yes I like my shows to have occasional moments where I question my sanity by crying over a comedy) and great chemistry between the characters.

Ben and Kate can be goofy, it can be hilarious  it can be heartfelt and it isn’t ashamed to have these characters love each other whilst also teasing each other.

A few another things I adore about it, how the adults treat Maddie like she’s one of them and go to her with their problems, Ben’s pep talks which usually descend into him crying, BJ just being BJ, Tommy and Ben’s business ideas, the fact that Kate is happy being a bit of a dork. Everything.

Maddie, yes, I know its name.

Favourite Episodes: The Fox Hunt / The Trip