Top 30 TV Shows of 2012 : No 28 Awake

Much like Last Resort, Awake worked so well because of its performances, alas like the other show it was also put in a death slot and cancelled.

On the surface Awake was just a regular detective show, only with two cases of the week, two different partners oh and two realities  I really loved how the handled two universes, with subtle hints of colour and by also making us invested in both Rex and Hannah as well as Michael’s partners.

Also I respect the show for just spiralling into craziness towards the end of its run, with dreams within dreams and big old conspiracy theories, by the time the finale came around the audience felt as confused as Michael. The ending was ambiguous but somehow this worked, whether Michael was still dreaming or delusional didn’t really matter because he seemed to at least be at peace.

I always switch, Hannah, Rex, Hannah, Rex. It’s like clockwork.

Favourite Episodes: Pilot / Turtles All The Way Down