Top 35 Shows of 2013: No 10 Southland

In their hearts they know, everyone has their breaking point

Sometimes season finales have to serve as series finales and that was the fate of Reckoning, the 10th episode of what would be Southland’s fifth and sadly final season.

Despite this though it really worked and even though I was bitterly disappointed when TNT cancelled the show it felt like the right ending. Even if it was completely soul destroying and proved that being a cop will either change you completely or destroy you for good. Sometimes both.

I know so many people have never even watched an episode of Southland but its a show I desperately want more people to experience because it really wasn’t just a procedural cop show. It was about these ordinary characters who tried to make a difference every day but in the end the job just got to them. Maybe that is nothing too original in the genre but I doubt you will find anyone half as good as Michael Cudlitz in the role of Cooper or Regina King as struggling Detective and mum Lydia Adams. They were the two linchpin performances of the show and ones which made every episode rewarding.

Southland ended the only way it could have, there are no chances for happy endings (though out of all of the characters Lydia gets closest to one) and sadly for the show no chance of escaping cancellation once again.

Favourite episodes: Chaos / Reckoning

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