Top 35 Shows of 2013: No 16 The Returned (Les Revenants)

They’re going to get their revenge one day, the dead

The Returned is a show shrouded in mysteries, it asks a lot of questions but takes it sweet time answering them. Instead it creates a haunting atmosphere helped by the chilling soundtrack by Mogwai.

The Returned is about zombies but whilst it can be absolutely horrifying at times this isn’t a show where zombies rip apart the living or cause carnage, it is more a study about grief and the human condition. People return from the dead and mostly their families accept them because they have longed for such a day – even if seeing a loved one rise from the dead should be cause for concern. Maybe it would be different if a dead stranger walked into their house but it is lost daughters, sons, lovers and brothers who return, people they want to see again.

I really appreciated The Returned for its different approach to the genre, we slowly get to know how these people died and begin to realise just how trapped the whole town is but there are no real answers even by the end of the first season. For some shows this would be frustrating but it works for The Returned and there is enough sinister goings on to stay hooked.

Favourite Episodes: Victor / The Horde

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