Top 35 Shows of 2013: No 17 Happy Endings

She’s not even instagramming anymore. She hasn’t posted a picture of an appetizer all week.

There are some comedies which are slightly too weird and I can understand why they weren’t ratings successes but really I am still baffled by why Happy Endings never became the hit ABC needed and the hit the show really deserved. It was after all a simple premise, 6 friends in Chicago doing silly things every week but maybe people just thought it was another Friends clone or caught the uneven early episodes of S1 and gave up on the show. I don’t know why it wasn’t a hit, all I know is that ABC panicked, messed around with the scheduling and broke my heart by cancelling the series earlier this year.

Still at least it ended with its strongest season, S3 brought . I was always ambivalent towards Dave and Alex reuniting at the end of S2 but they actually worked really well as a couple this time round and I was genuinely disappointed when they broke up again. Same with Penny and Pete’s failed relationship, though the fallout from that was in true Happy Endings style hilarious.

The show never took itself too seriously and was better for that, 22 minutes of constant jokes every episode with a cast that worked so well together and found strength even in its weaker characters (in the end Alex may have actually been my favourite).

The saddest thing about the cancellation of Happy Endings is the false hope fans got with rumours for months afterwards suggesting the USA network would pick the show up. In the end it didn’t and now TV has lost its most promising comedy.

Favourite Episodes: The Marry Prankster / She Got Game Night

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