Top 35 Shows of 2013: No 20 Doctor Who

Gentlemen, I’ve had 400 years to think about this. I’ve changed my mind

Truthfully despite my affection for Eleven and Clara my love for Doctor Who had waned quite a bit in recent years but then along came The Day of the Doctor and the accompanying programmes celebrating 50 years of the show and not only was my enthusiasm for the show back I have found a whole new appreciation for it again.

It started with The Night of the Doctor, how I rejoiced at seeing Paul McGann’s Doctor again and now I’ve been consumed by all the audio dramas, books and comics that focus on Eight, something I really should have explored years ago but it took until that delightful mini-episode to make me realise how much I loved this Doctor.

Then there was the gorgeous tribute to Who’s early days in the form of An Adventure In Space And Time, which left me emotionally destroyed but also so grateful to everyone involved in bringing the show to the air. It was a lovely and a perfect reminder that this show has been with us for so long because so many people cared about it.

The main event itself well after being a bit concerned at the sudden appearance of a missing Doctor in the form of John Hurt I have to say I was really happy with The Day of the Doctor. I thought Hurt was excellent in the role, I loved the interactions between Ten and Eleven. Having the Doctor change his mind about that one event which has shaped him since the show was resurrected back in 2005 should have felt like horrible retcon but it was absoutely brilliant and opens up so many possibilities going forward. The Doctor is no longer guilt ridden, the Doctor has a new purpose. He is no longer alone.

Also have to mention the Five(ish) Doctors Reboot because that was fan heaven, so happy Moffat and the BBC were on board with it and gave Peter a proper crew, it really was fun and capped off a weekend when I remembered just why I love Doctor Who and why I probably always will.

Favourite Episodes: Day of the Doctor / Five(ish) Doctors Reboot

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