Top 35 Shows of 2013: No 24 Sleepy Hollow

Imagine the delinquency we could perpetrate if we really put our minds to it

When I first heard about Sleepy Hollow I thought it sounded utterly ridiculous and seeing how supernatural shows haven’t been doing amazing on the big US Networks I assumed it would be a complete mess and a flop. Then the promos came out and even when the logical part of my brain the part that devours ‘quality’ cable drama was shaking its head going ‘no this is too silly’ my heart was going ‘this looks fun, this looks stupid but fun and damn if that actor playing Ichabod isn’t charming as hell’. –

After a summer of intense TV in the form of shows like Breaking Bad and The Bridge I needed something different, something not afraid to embrace the crazy. I basically needed the TV equivalent of a popcorn blockbuster, you know the ones that are fun but not too dumb. WithSleepy Hollow I got so much more.

Beyond the ridiculous premise and a headless horseman carrying a machine guns was a show with heart, with a fantastic central pairing and with a refreshingly diverse cast.

Yes I went into Sleepy Hollow for the witches and threats from The Four Horsemen but I stayed because of Ichabod attempts at navigating modern life. I stayed because of Abbie and the complicated history she has with sister Jenny. I stayed because the chemistry between everyone is amazing and feels more natural than most shows. I stayed because damn I can’t help but love John Noble do his mad damaged old soul act. I stayed because Irving choose to accept the crazy rather than spend seasons pretending it wasn’t happening.

Sleepy Hollow accepts what it is and goes for it, the short seasons work in its favour because there is no time for filler episodes everything is speeding along with abandon. It may not be a perfect show, often the twists are way too predictable as they are based on tropes seen again and again in the genre but it excels at character moments and even if something isn’t working then Sleepy Hollow will quickly move onto to another threat.

It really reminds me of Fringe and early Supernatural, shows which had procedural crime solving elements but also focussed on the mythology and the characters.

I can’t wait to see where Sleepy Hollow goes and I’m glad I just accepted my fate and enjoyed the show for what it is.

Favourite Episodes: The Lesser Key of Solomon / The Midnight Ride

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