Top 35 Shows of 2013: No 29 Cougar Town

29. Cougar Town

Remember when we wanted to change the title? Ah, good times. Thanks for sticking with us.

Yes it still has a terrible name which bears no resemblance to the show itself and yes Cougar Towncontinues being a rather great show that was thankfully saved from cancellation and whilst S4 didn’t reach the heights of S3 and whilst it went some places I really didn’t like storywise (Travis/Laurie) it also managed to not only make me laugh but somewhat emotionally destroy me.

Cougar Town at its centre has a big heart. It is why in previous seasons the Jules/Grayson falling in love storyline worked, it is why whenever the show focuses on Bobby and his less than perfect life I usually get a little teary eyed.  This season though it really hit on something personal to me and that is dealing with your parents mortality.  I was completely blindsided by ‘Make it Better‘ and the revelation that Jules father Chick was suffering from Alzheimer’s, to be completely honest I spent a week thinking about that episode after it aired.  Watching your parents get older is part of life but my own parents are in their early 70s and I worry about them all the time, Cougar Town really got heart of that and whilst it is completely and utterly sad I do think showing that kind of thing on TV is important.

Of course when Cougar Town isn’t making me cry and worry about the future it is making me laugh, I mean when you have a meet-cute with Bobby and Dog Travis Lady and the Tramp style it is impossible not to fall in love with this show. Oh wait you probably haven’t given it a chance. You really should you know.

Favourite Episodes: Flirting With Time / Make It Better

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