Top 35 Shows of 2013: No 30 Homeland

Everywhere you go, other people die but you always manage to survive

Homeland hasn’t exactly been having a fantastic third season, since late S2 the urgency and overall brilliance that the series displayed in S1 has been eroded. There are a load of problems with the show right now but I do think there is still a good show lurking behind all the silly plots and implausible twists. I believe this because I saw that quality, I was blown away by it I was blown away by it in S1 and the first half of S2.

There are some positive signs for the show’s future the last couple of episodes have been a huge improvement on the sluggish start to S3.  Yes the audience still needs to suspend their disbelief in regards to just how much Carrie can get away with going off mission but the plot with Brody preparing to go on his mission and the actual episode spent in Iran was pretty thrilling.

Homeland is still worth watching for the central performances of Claire Danes, Damian Lewis and Mandy Patinkin and also Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn a character I always long to have more screen time.

Yes there are problems but I think a bit of spring cleaning (Brody really should die as much as I love Damian) and maybe making Carrie go rogue once and for all could help the show return to greatness.

Favourite Episodes: Still Positive / Big Man in Tehran

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