Top 35 Shows of 2013: No 33 Don’t Trust The Bitch In Apartment 23

Why are you saying what you’re saying. You’re boring.

Oh ABC why do you continually break my heart when it comes to cancelling comedies? Especially those with really terrible names but that underneath are actually consistently hilarious and deserved more than being moved around the schedules and then pulled completely.

Yes Don’t Trust was ones of many comedies that died way too young at a time when it was becoming stronger by the episodes and managed to overcome the weird episode ordering.

I’m deeply grateful that the remaining episodes ended up online because they contain some of the funniest moments the short lived show done and also explored the friendship of Chloe and June that ends in a really lovely moment in the series finale with Chloe opening up just a little bit to her room-mate. But don’t worry Don’t Trust never got too emotional or heartwarming it was never one of those shows. It was mean and bitter and unashamedly outrageous at times like Chloe herself.

There are many things I will miss about the show; James Van Der Beek fictionalized version of himself gave me a respect for the actor that I never thought was possible after seasons of Dawson Creek, Chloe’s putdowns are the kind of comebacks we all wish we could spit out at quickly and as vicious as her,  June falling down to Chloe’s level in the most speculator ways, Luther’s devotion to James, Mark and his unseen and yet terrifying girlfriend.

I hope now that the show is on Netflix it gains a larger fanbase, whilst it is too late to save the series I just want more people to appreciate it.

Favourite Episodes: Dating Games / Ocupado

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