Top 35 Shows of 2013: No 35 Revenge

Don’t waste time being sorry. Just finish whatever it is you’re gonna do

Truly after such a disappointing S2 I didn’t expect this show to still be on my watchlist by the end of 2013 and yet new showrunner Sunil Nayar has managed to recapture to glorious drama of S1 and given us back the addictive deliciousness of life in the Hamptons.

It helps that the Graysons are more terrible than ever – oh they are so wonderful are being such nasty creatures, it helps that more people are in the Emily Thorne circle of trust and so we get fun situations like Aiden moving in with Nolan or Nolan and Jack finally having a heart to heart chat over how Emily has messed with their lives but how they care for her deeply.

Revenge has gone back to being a fun show that still has a lot of heart and still questions the motivations of Emily.  Sometimes we can follow her on her quest, other times like those closest to her we question her tactics.  I’ve always liked that Revenge hasn’t just given us one point of view, it isn’t saying we should blindly follow Emily as the protagonist, we are meant to wonder if she should continue or not. Sometimes we delight in Victoria Grayson winning a battle or two because deep down we hope Emily still wins the war but its damn fun watching her scheme new plans whilst others fall apart.

Favourite Episodes: Confession / Secrecy

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