Top 35 Shows of 2014: No 10 Orange Is The New Black

I really didn’t plan to once again watch a season of Orange Is The New Black in one weekend, this time round I was determined to watch it over a week or so, enjoy every episode knowing it would be another year until I got some more. Unfortunately once again I became obsessed with the show and couldn’t help but binge watch it.

In its second season OITNB became stronger and better than its already impressive debut season. The introduction of a big bad in the form of Vee paid of wonderfully by the end of the season, she came to Litchfield and ended up messing with the dymanics of so many of the characters and different groups and the ending was simply terrific, so satisfying to see the women band together against her and for Rosa’s escape to collide so perfectly with Vee’s fate.

Perhaps the best thing about S2 was how much more we got to know about the inmates and how damn heartbreaking that was at times. Poussey had my favourite storyline of the season as she refuses to get involved with Vee’s power-play and ends up separated from her best friend and woman she loves Taystee, Samira Wiley took it to a whole another level and I felt such relief when their friendship was mended by the end of the season.

Another storyline I loved was that of Rosa, a character we knew little about in S1 but whose backstory and trips to the hospital made for a compelling character who got such a geat season arc and an fitting ending.

Overall OITNB continues to play to its strength and hopefully if the show can finally get rid of Larry then S3 could be another quality season.

Favourite episodes: You Also Have a Pizza / We Have Manners. We’re Polite

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