Top 35 Shows of 2014: No 12 Brooklyn Nine Nine

If Brooklyn Nine Nine was one of the best new comedies of 2013 in 2014  it became one of the best comedies period. With Parks and Recreation ending in 2015 and many other great comedies rarely lasting more than a season I am so grateful that Brooklyn Nine Nine exists and is doing pretty good in the ratings. It has the right blend of comedy, heart and tomfoolery. All the great character development in the second half of S1 has paid off so well with S2.

This is a show which made a potentially annoying character like Jake someone I genuinely enjoy and a cliché will they won’t they romance in the form of Jake/Amy a pairing that I really want to succeed.

Brooklyn Nine Nine like The Office and Parks and Recreation before it finds the comedy in work but also unites these characters as friends and a family and whether its Jake and Holt pranking each other on Halloween, Rosa and Terry working hard on the drug task force or Amy being her weird wonderful self.

I really hope that the series gets to run for years to come because we all need a little fun and what’s more fun than watching Andre Braugher deadpan his way through 22 minutes of comedy every week?

Favourite episodes: The Bet / The Road Trip

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