Top 35 Shows of 2014: No 13 Veep

I fully expected S3 of Veep to be entirely about Selina’s Presidential bid and that we wouldn’t actually reach the election or know the outcome until S4. As the season progressed and the usually chaos and PR disasters unfolded I wondered if Selina was doomed to be Vice President for life.

What I did not expect was for Selina to become President in the way she did. Shocking and in true Veep style a mess of hilarity and fuck-ups. God next season is going to be so much fun.

I continue to enjoy the hell out of this show and I’m so happy it exists even when I spend so much of the time trying to figure out which character is the absolute worst. It doesn’t matter, these aren’t people you are really meant to like in the traditional ways shows make you like characters. But despite that it was kind of deeply satisfying seeing Selina achieve her dream and kind of realise just how hard it is going to be going forward. She has the power she has craved but does she want the actual responsibility?

Favourite episodes: Alicia / New Hampshire

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