Top 35 Shows of 2014: No 14 Agents of SHIELD

I actually enjoyed the hell out of Agents of SHIELD when it first aired, I had no problem with the show taking it slow and building things up because it always seemed pretty obvious to me that something huge was coming. Maybe it was because I paid attention to the plot details for Captain America: The Winter Soldier in advance of its release and realised there was no way that AOS wasn’t going to be effected by it. Maybe it is because I’m used to shows taking things slowly and that sometimes you have to be patient.

So I have to say I do feel a a certain sense of satisfaction in watching AOS turn a corner with fans and critics when the whole Hydra reveal happened, because this was the series I was confident existed all along and now the everyone else could see it. I will defend the early episodes of S1 because without getting to know the characters would the eventual pain and betrayal that Ward caused the team had meant as much? I don’t think so.

It has been great seeing AOS fully embrace its comic roots in the form of characters like Bobbi ‘Mockingbird’ Morse being introduced, I absolutely love how serialised the series is as well (even if this tends not to work out ratings wise) but mostly I am delighted that all the speculation about who Skye was has paid off in a shake up bigger than Hydra coming out of their murky shadows. The Inhumans being introduced first in AOS is tremendous, whereas before you could watch the MCU movies without needing to watch the show, now the series is exploring new exciting things before the movies and with both Mockingbird and Daisy as Avengers in the comics could we see them eventually cross over in the movies? I don’t see why not.

AOS had a lot to prove when it first aired and whilst it took its time to convince people just what it was capable off it seems like the creative boost both Hydra and now the Inhumans storylines have given the series just makes the future for the show brighter than ever.

If you are still holding out on watching the series you really are missing out.

Favourite episodes: Turn, Turn, Turn / What They Become

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