Top 35 Shows of 2014: No 15 Enlisted

Of all the shows to be cancelled this year the one that hurts the most has to be Enlisted, a comedy that hit all the sweet spots and ended up being treated like rubbish by its network.

Enlisted just worked on so many levels for me, the comedy, the heartache, the relationships between the brothers, the whole found family thing with the rest of the soldiers. It would make me laugh and then cry often at the same time and considering Enlisted was created by Kevin Biegel who has worked on both Scrubs and Cougar Town it is perhaps no surprise that it achieved that perfect blend.

Enlisted also felt like a special show because it was trying to be funny whilst still recognising the pain and problems the armed forces go through. The way the series handled Pete’s PTSD was terrific but also important, Enlisted was never making fun of the people who served their country it was allowing the audience to have fun with them.

I miss it already but will cherish the 13 episodes we did get.

Favourite episodes: Randy Get Your Gun / Alive Day

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