Top 35 Shows of 2014: No 19 Playing House

Imagine if Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins from Parks and Recreation moved in together and raised a baby together, laughter would be had, heart-strings would be tugged. Well essentially that kind of female BFF loving and hilarious relationship is at the heart of Playing House. Emma (Jessica St. Clair) moves in with her heavily pregnant best friend Maggie (Lennon Parham) after Maggie’s husband is caught cheating. The result is a charming comedy that like many shows on my Best of list needs a much bigger audience than it has.

The two women at the centre of the show have worked together previously in the one season Best Friends Forever and they have such great chemistry together. Playing House is also full of great supporting characters like Mark (Keegan-Michael Key who has had a great year on TV).

The USA Network took a long long time renewing Playing House for a second season but one is coming in 2015 and thank god for that because there is something simple and lovely about this show. Watch it.

Favourite episodes:  Drumline / Bugs in Your Eyes

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