Top 35 Shows of 2014: No 22 In The Flesh

Season two of In The Flesh expanded the world of the show whilst still keeping it mostly in the small village of Roarton.  Finding out just why the Partially Deceased Syndrome suffers returned and whether it could happen again became a big part of the plot as did the show’s continued exploration of sexuality and depression.

Everyone may try and act like the world is seemingly normal now but everyone inside Roarton and outside are still incredibly messed up by the Rising. There is still incredible prejudice, there are people like Jem suffering from PTSD and there is Keiren still struggling to be accepted and find happiness.

Yet my favourite storyline this season was in the form of Amy, at first in love with Simon and unfortunately unaware of his true feelings and then she gravitates towards Philip in what becomes the most touching and sadly heartbreaking relationships in the show.

Which brings me to the the unfortunate fact that the BBC have yet to renew In The Flesh for another season. It needs another season. I need to believe Amy could somehow come back because the ending just makes me so incredibly sad otherwise.

In The Flesh is a thoughtful show, it has moments of action and scares that you expect in a series about zombies but even as it explored the politics and the mythology it still brought everything back to its characters.  It would be a huge loss to the supernatural genre if it didn’t come back for more.

Favourite episodes: Episode 5 / Episode 6

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