Top 35 Shows of 2014: No 23 Selfie

Maybe I am destined to fall in love with comedies with bad names and uneven pilot episodes which end up being so damn wonderful. Following Cougar Town, Don’t Trust The Bitch andTrophy Wife comes Selfie, a show which truly is much better than it sounds.

Despite being cancelled, I really think that people should catch up on the show because the final episodes airing on Hulu have been terrific. The chemistry between Eliza and Henry is off the charts and I absolutely love that the supporting characters are getting much more to do. In fact it was episode four ‘Nugget of Wisdom’ which focussed on Charmonique that made me realise the show’s potential.

Selfie may be on the surface about the shallow Eliza but all the characters have real depths and it isn’t about how they should change for others but about how they need to accept themselves.  It is really a heartfelt series that is a lot deeper than the mediocre pilot episode would suggest.

Another potentially great comedy has been cancelled before its time. Such a damn shame.

Favourite episodes: Even Hell Has Two Bars / Follow Through

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