Top 35 Shows of 2014: No 25 Cougar Town

The closer the final season of Cougar Town gets and the more I rewatch the entire series from the beginning the greater sadness I feel at losing the Cul-de-Sac Crew.

Cougar Town is such a great hang out comedy but as always with S6 it was the emotional heartbreak and joy that worked the best.  Jules dealing with her father’s ill health just completely floored me. In contrast you have Travis and Laurie getting pregnant at the end of the season which was a moment of complete joy.  I will admit I was never really on the Travis/Laurie train but its hard not to smile at their relationship.

In the end Cougar Town may only be remembered by its loyal fans but this show would have made it to just over a 100 episodes, a truly impressive number in an age where comedies are cancelled so quickly and cruelly.

Cougar Town never got awards love, was treated bad by its first network and has never set the ratings world on fire but its just so damn enjoyable and comforting that I hope in years to come people finally discover it.

Favourite episodes: Hard On Me / Love Is A Long Road

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