Top 35 Shows of 2014: No 26 The Affair

I always find it a bit hard including a show on my best of list when the first season is still airing and I have no idea if its going to disappoint or not but with just one more episode to go and another season guaranteed I’m pretty confident in The Affair. 

The performances are what keep me hooked as the mystery is slowly unravelled. Ruth Wilson and Dominic West are both tremendous as the central characters caught up in infidelity and as present day scenes suggest a whole lot more as well.

Usually the idea of watching a show about two people cheating on their spouses wouldn’t fill me with joy or any desire to delve in but The Affair is a sneaky show with a couple of tricks which lure you in. The dual narrative is fascinating and whilst some people have questioned the need for them to continue with it throughout the entire season I am so intrigued by it all, whether the differences in events that Noah and Alison perceive really matter or not, are they covering things up or simply misremembering? Or is it a combination of both.  Will it be important as the series continues? I really don’t know but its great watching them act so differently in each other’s versions.

The mystery, well its hard not to be drawn into a mystery especially this year as both the fictionalTrue Detective and the real life Serial made audiences obsessed with solving crimes and figuring out what the hell is going happen.  Just what does it all mean? Just how involved are Noah and Alison? How are things going to play out?.

I really have no idea what is going to happen with the show, just how messed up events get but I look forward to finding out and even if in the end The Affair ends up being about the state of marriage I can’t be too disappointed when its beautifully acted and filmed the way it is.

Favourite episodes: Episode 1 / Episode 4

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