Top 35 Shows of 2014: No 28 Doctor Who

I will be honest I’m still not entirely sure what to think about the latest season of Doctor Who simply because it felt so incredibly different to the previous era with 11 and Matt Smith. Not just because every new Doctor brings a different dynamic to the screen but in how the episodes were filmed and the darkness that happened throughout the season with Clara’s storyline.

There is ultimately less warmth to this Doctor and I can see why some people might find this coldness off putting. It really takes until the finale Death In Heaven for 12 to really know what kind of man he is and that ultimately he is the Doctor no matter what.

I’m a person that likes having an emotional connection when I watch TV or film and found it hard to connect with this season of the show and yet aside from the 50th Anniversary special this is the most intrigued and excited I’ve been about the show since S5.

This Doctor may be harder to read and perhaps harder to love but Peter Capaldi is terrific in the role, he really brings something slightly different from the recent incarnations.

At times during S6 and S7 I found myself mentally switching off during episodes but not this time round.

So its a different Doctor and show I have to engage with in a slightly different way but I can’t help but be incredibly excited to see where the adventure takes 12 and any future companions.

Favourite episodes: Listen / Flatline

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