Top 35 Shows of 2014: No 30 24: Live Another Day

I had reservations about the return of 24 but by the end of the season I was devastated to see Jack leave our screens again. The shortened season led to a much more tightly plotted story, the focus on the Jack and Chloe friendship allowed many moments of heartbreak including the devastating final scene between them. The return of Audrey and her father James (now President) was also terrific.

All of it made me realise I missed 24, I really think I wouldn’t especially after falling out of love with the show towards the end of its original run but my enjoyment of Live Another Day wasn’t just nostalgia, or an attempt to cling to the glory days of Jack Bauer it was probably my favourite season of the show since S5.

It was genuinely great and perhaps having time off between seasons was the best thing for the show. I want to see Jack again but I don’t need it to be rushed, come back Bauer when you’re ready but don’t leave us too long because that would be a real shame.

Favourite episodes: Episode 4 / Episode 12

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