Top 35 Shows of 2014: No 31 Utopia

I accidentally left Utopia of my best of list last year, which is really ridiculous of me because S1 was great but it was impossible to forget about the show this time round as the second season kicked everything up just that bit further.

Things got of to a great start with the Milner and Carvel flashback opening episode. Both Rose Leslie and Tom Burke were phenomenal in the roles but also it gave depth to their relationship and Carvel’s relationship with his children Pietre and Jessica. All of it would pay of wonderfully throughout the season.

It is with great sorrow then that Channel 4 decided not to pick the series up for another season. There is simply nothing else quite like Utopia, from the stunning visuals, the eerie music and the blend of comic book meets conspiracy thriller plot.

It is a shame we won’t be spending any more time in that world.

Favourite episodes: Episode 1 / Episode 6

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