Top 35 Shows of 2014: No 5 Justified

S5 of Justified got quite a bit of criticism, a lot of people weren’t fans of the Crowe family, the messy plot or Ava being stuck in prison for the entire season. Yet I can’t deny my love for Justified kind of blinds me to criticism, I get so much entertainment from it, I love the cast of characters and could listen to the show’s fun dialogue forever.

Sure it was a slight decline in quality but then again S4 had been fantastic so that was always going to be hard to follow. Mostly though S5 was about streamlining the various bad guys and as the season finale suggested bringing the core of the series back to Boyd, Raylan and Ava. Without Ava feeling abandoned and at times hopeless in jail there was no way she would have agreed to stitch in Boyd. Also the increasing animosity between Boyd and Raylan really came to a head at the end of the season, setting the stage for Raylan to finally take action against his one time friend.

Justified maybe have stumbled a little this year but its hard not to have faith in the show which is consistently entertaining and at times brilliant.

Favourite episodes: Shot All To Hell / Restitution

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