Top 35 Shows of 2014: No 7 Orphan Black

I know many people had issues with the second season of Orphan Black, some felt let down by it, others thought it was too messy and bogged down by an increasingly complicated plot. Whilst those criticisms may well be valid I still can’t help but love the series especially when its giving me what I need from the show.

Alison and Donnie’s break-up and then reunion via murder and mayhem really should not have worked and yet it did and by the end of the season the idiot Donnie had become a vital part of the Clone Club.¬†Helena was fun as crazy serial killer clone in S1 but came into her own this season as her fraught relationship with twin Sarah turns into something kinder and lovely.¬†Once again Sarah proves herself to be a survivor as she fights against everyone in order to save her daughter and her sisters.

In fact the only real issue I have with S2 is Cosima, a character who is stuck in exposition mode. Thankfully though the S2 finale gave her a bit more to do and I hope she gets to do more than just science in the future.

Orphan Black is always willing to experiment with its incredibly gifted lead actress Tatiana Maslany and whilst some may worry about the introduction of a male clone I am confident the writers know what they are doing.

Favourite episodes: Governed As If By Chance / To Hound Nature In Her Wanderings

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