Top 35 Shows of 2014: No 9 Game of Thrones

My enjoyment of Game of Thrones really comes down to three things – the wonderful oddball pairings whether its Arya/The Hound, Brienne/Pod, etc, the sheer quality of the acting (nearly everyone cast on the show is a perfect fit for their characters) and the decision to change the the plot from the books.

Now I know that last point is a huge contention with fans and critics alike and even though I’ve read the books I can’t help by feel delighted by the changes because it means for the first time since S1 (I hadn’t read the books at that point) I have no idea where things are going and that is really exciting.

This season saw a lot of changes like Brienne fighting the Hound but it also saw key important scenes play out like Tyrion’s trial, the arrival and then sad departure of the Red Viper and the epic battle on the Wall. The series continues to be filmed beautifully and with an epic scale that impresses, it seems like every season the show steps up what its capable of doing and plays to its strengths.

With The Winds of Winter still having no publication date and GOT heading towards the final few seasons of the series it is going to be interesting to see just where the story ends up.

Favourite episodes: The Laws Of Gods And Men / The Mountain And The Viper

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