Winter TV First Impressions : Enlisted

The Show: Enlisted

Time: Fridays on Fox

Premise: Comedy focussed on 3 brothers all posted to the same Florida military base

Pros: There is so much to love about this show already. Firstly Parker Young who was always one of the best things in Suburgatory is full of puppy dog enthusiasm as youngest brother Randy, kind of like Andy from Parks and Recreation.  Then there is Geoff Stults as oldest brother Pete, who should come across as a real asshole but there is depth to this character, he has been damaged by war and feels useless being stuck at a military base rather than back on the front lines.  See what I really like about Enlisted already every character already has their own quirks and straight away I want to know more about them all.

The biggest advantage Enlisted has over some of the other comedies in the 2013/2014 TV season is that not only is it funny but it has a big old heart. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who watched and loved both Scrubs and Cougar Town as Enlisted’s creator Kevin Biegel worked on these two shows.  I love comedies that not only make my laugh but make me care and hell makes me cry. I’m emotionally invested already and this is very good indeed.

Cons: Truthfully there was nothing I hated with this pilot, apart from the music being slightly too loud at the beginning. Whilst the show does centre on three white males it seems pretty clear that the supporting cast will be getting plenty to do. So no issues with the series so far.

Overall: Its rare that I love a comedy pilot but I instantly fell in love with Enlisted, its funny and has a big old heart. I can’t wait to see more episodes.

Will I watch it again: Oh mostly definitely and I will no doubt be swearing revenge against Fox by the end of the season as sticking it on a Friday night is just cruel.

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